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zombies are weird lol

only watched 3 eps so far but raelly love this series already~ Im thinking to read the manga even if its like Im reading ecchi all the time

Lot's of ai related things recently

never did so many in half a month before..loll
it's so fun and addicting tho

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AX 2010 report~

AX report reposted because the one on da was too long;;

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Art Final + WIP

Yesterday I went back to school and visited my art teacher to go and finish my final art project ahaha
Stayed there for 4 hrs(?) but really spent most of that time roaming around the class and watching FIFA in his room!!

Mine is left and my friend(http://phokyu.deviantart.com/) is right a collab final~

And a WIP I was working on a couple days ago...I don't know if I want to finish though...


Yesterday drew Hodduk her birthday present

it was smugleaf/tsutaja from pokemon and omg it was so much funnn I want to do another pokemon fanart some time!

lolol I never drew such a big eye before it was so MINDBLOWING
readyyyy ..... 100% view

AI Painting

10 x 15 acrylic painting on illustration board.

It's been a year since I painted with it but it's been fun :')
I've only painted 4-5 acrylic paintings and I'm not as good as the others in my art class (and probably reason why I don't paint at all in my art class haha)


painting of Amsel and mysterious figure that has yet to appear in http://community.livejournal.com/antique_ivy/

also realized I can not draw at all for about a month then I get bored loll lately tho reading has been more fun? or maybe im sick of drawing

First Birthday + Trauma Team

Today is my dog's first birthday :'D!!

Me and my friend went down to this dog's gourmet food shop and got her some stuff. <3

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AI comic preview

Worked on AI sports day comic yesterday and today

(also randomly made new icons for lj LOL omg more then half were BL ...and the other half kazuaki <3 )

To see the whole comic go here ---> community.livejournal.com/antique_ivy/41636.html

Ender's Game + other

Random doodle that I don't feel like finishing

In mythology class, we're reading our last novel and it's suppose to be just a really easy one so we don't have to think that much unlike the previous stories we read  that were all in really old english nobody could understand *_*;; (like the Faerie Queene by edmund Spenser lksjfowlsl)

Anyways Ender's Game is our last book and IT IS SOOO GOOOD
(I think it's a children's novel? LOL it says for ages 10+)
I'm almost finished with the whole book and we just started

So into it I wanted to draw the characters out, but I'm on chapter 11 so only drew characters up to this chapter.

(and so that's why all the characters are like under 13 yrs old but they all look like they're way older OTL)

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Chalk Art

Simply an amazing experience!!! I want to do this again!

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